What are the best flowers for Valentine's Day?

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Valentine’s day celebrations calls for being together, loving each other, expressing your emotions and sweet little surprises. Celebrated every year on 14th of February, countries across the globe observe valentine’s day and is meant to be a holiday where it's all about love and being together. For Valentine's day like every other holiday there is something unique that must be done, and you might already know it. You would need a bunch of flowers, chocolates and a date. Whenever we think of valentine flowers red roses come to our mind but there is still so much more to flower arrangements. Get the best valentine's flower delivery in Ottawa from Alta Vista Flowers for your loved ones with the same day flower delivery.

Here are the best flower for your valentine flower arrangement from AltaVista Flowers

Asiatic Lilies

These flowers are always a good choice for any bouquet you want, lilies are great for every occasion. For a romantic flower arrangement you can go with white and pink lilies. It's pretty simple to build a bouquet with these, you can go with a single flower like pink lilies, or you can add other colors like white, purple, and even red. To make it more appealing you can add other flowers like mini roses and carnations . Place these lovely flowers in a clear glass tall vase.


If you can get your partner Tulips, then this would be the best gift for your partner. Tulips can be a little hard to find especially when it's off season. Since Valentines is celebrated in February, spring is yet to come, tulips being a spring blooming flower aren't really available widely. But with Flower delivery Bridlewood ON, you can get a dazzling bouquet of these pretty flowers. For a tulip bouquet add red and orange tulips along with long green leaves. The best thing about Tulips is their color and shape. You can also go with softer pastels like pink, white, purple colors.


One can never get away with giving roses, they are a universal symbol of love and romance. Since they are available throughout all seasons, you might push getting roses till the last minute. But during Valentine's, florists run out of Roses pretty quickly, so get yourself Roses Flower Delivery for getting flowers in time. You can go with the classic all red bouquet or you can go with red and white combinations which is the traditional one. To give a quirky touch you add get red roses, pair it with pink asiatic lilies and baby breathe.

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A simple, sweet yet colorful flower, Alstroemeria comes in a variety of colors and you can create a bouquet with all of them together creating a rainbow like effect. You can also put in white roses for a contrast. These flowers are best since they are lightweight, come in amazing shades and look chirpy. You can also go with an all white bouquet with purple Alstroemeria for a pop of color.

With Ottawa ON Flower delivery you can get yourself and your partner the prettiest flower arrangement out there. Giving flowers is a super sweet gesture, which your partner will definitely appreciate.

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