What Flower Should I Give To My Dad On Father's Day?

Fathers Day, celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year. Here is a list of some fabulous Father's day flowers along with flower meanings to gift your dad.

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Fathers Day, celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June every year, is a global event to acknowledge paternal love and relationship. Started in 1924 this was initially just a day to commemorate civil war veterans later it was made to be a holiday. Father’s Day rituals traditionally consisted of church service, taking flowers to memorials and just spending time together. In today’s day and age Father’s Day celebrations might have changed but one thing remains constant which are flowers.

Here is a list of some fabulous Father's day flowers along with flower meanings-

1. Forever rose-

Roses are the official flowers of fathers day, roses come in various shades and shapes. We always just imagine a red rose which is an all time symbol of romantic love. But that is not it, red roses symbolize deep love of all kinds, beauty and courage. For father's day special gifts you can pick a dozen of red and white roses along with some filler leaves.

2. Vibrant Gerbera-

Gerberas are a kind of daisy, they are bigger and wider than usual english dailies. A fun thing about gerberas is that they come in tons of color. Gerbera daisies symbolize cheer, innocence and purity. You can go ahead with an assorted bun of these flowers. You can also have a combination of two colors like white and pink, red and white and yellow.

3. Subtle Dahlia-

Dahlia is a gorgeous round perfectly symmetrical flower with its uniquely shaped petals. Dahlias round like a fluff ball, and are also widely available during summer. With hybrid growth you will find smaller Dahlias, or very huge ones. This flower represents wealth, involvement and elegance. You can get a lovely bunch from your Ottawa ON Florist.

4. Royal Orchids-

These have been around us for a long time, Orchids are delicate, intricate and elongated flowers. Which has multiple blooms on a single tall stem. Orchids come in colors of white and purple. These are a great pick if you are giving flowers for the first time. Like other flower meanings, orchids represent refinement, thought and charm.

5. Blue Hydrangea-

Blue flowers are a little harder to spot in the world of flowers. We might have seen a deeper or light purple that resembles blue. But a true blue is a rare sight. But here we have Hydrangea, another bushy and fluffy flower full of tiny blooms close together growing on a short stem. Hydrangeas come in various colors and one of which is blue. It symbolizes gratitude, elegance and beauty.

6. Flowering plants

Flowering plants, not just for Father’s Day, flowers are a great pick for dad’s birthday. For flowers for birthday you can pick flowering plants like Peace Lily, Amaryllis, Anthurium, Oxalis butterfly and passion flower. These flowers are easy to maintain and need regular watering with a drying out session. These flowers bear flowers during most of the seasons. The process to see them grow and bloom is extremely satisfying. 

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