The Best Wedding Anniversary Flowers by Month

Wedding Anniversary flowers are such a part of the celebrations that it is not surprising there is a anniversary flower associated with each month of the year. Read about the list of best wedding anniversary flowers by month.

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As each year passes by the bond between two people keeps getting stronger, wedding anniversaries mark years of togetherness. Be it the first one or the tenth, anniversaries always make both partners feel extremely special. Every wedding anniversary is an opportunity to recall the time passed, to enjoy the present moments of love and hope for the future.

Interestingly there is a designated flower for each month, and since flowers have always been a part of the romantic celebration of our life, you can get these specific Anniversary Flowers for every month.

List of Anniversary Flowers by Month

January Anniversary Flowers

To begin with the very first month in the English Calender, the flower that has been associated with this winter month is Carnation. This flower, in particular, is ruffly and popularly seen in color pink, you can also go with red for a dazzling bouquet.

February Anniversary Flowers

Next up is Violet or Primrose, this flower is usually seen growing in gardens and backyards. These flowers have a velvety texture with bright spots on them. You will find them in colors purple, yellow, white and more.

March Anniversary Flowers

A flower that is greatly suited for this month of March, Daffodils are widely available at any Ottawa ON flower shop. You can go with a bouquet full of these yellow blooms or add them to your other bouquets.

April Anniversary Flowers

There are two flowers for this month both of which you can get with local south Ottawa ON Flowers delivery, these are Daisy and Sweet Pea. Daisies are a symbol of innocence, joy and true love whereas Sweet Pea symbolizes good wishes and gratitude.

May Anniversary Flowers

A sweet and unique flower, Lily of the Valley is not just great for anniversaries but is also spotted as Wedding Flowers. An elegant flower which has bell-like white blooms symbolizing luck, renewal of love and devotion.

June Anniversary Flowers

When talking of love and romance you must be wondering about Roses. June is the month of Roses and you can go with classic red or pink. It is also super cute.

July Anniversary Flowers

Delphinium is the flower for this summery month, a colorful flower which is tall a an beautiful. Delphinium represents bond of love, cheer and joy

August Anniversary Flowers

Once again two different flowers for this month of August, Gladiolus and Poppy. Both these flowers are easily available during this month and have their own charm.

September Anniversary Flowers

If you are looking for something airy, special and beautifully breathtaking then Aster is for you. This flower is small yet has bright shades of lavender and yellow to impress your partner.

October Anniversary Flowers

To bring a push of passion into your relationship, Marigolds are a great choice. These warm and radiating flowers symbolize passionate love. Their scent is also amazing.

November Anniversary Flowers

Chrysanthemum, a popular fresh cut flower which blooms during fall. Chrysanthemums represent loyalty, companionship, and hope. They are well-known for their brilliant colors and variety of forms. Chrysanthemums are frequently connected with happiness and longevity as well.

December Anniversary Flowers

Circling back to a winter month, there are two flowers designated these are Narcissus and Holly. Narcissus is another name for Daffodils and Holly comes with spiky green leaves and bright red globes.

Wedding anniversaries are moments of being grateful for each other, it's not just an ordinary event rather it is a day to celebrate being there for each other through thick and thin. With flowers from altavista flowers express not just love but all the different feelings you feel while you are together.

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