Popular Funeral Flowers And Their Meaning

Funeral flowers are meant to represent hope, support, love and warmth. Read the list of funeral arrangement flowers and their meaning that are appropriate for showing your condolences.

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Funeral flowers are meant to represent hope, support, love and warmth. And all these emotions together can only be found in flowers. Flowers have been a traditional part of funeral services as they bring some light into the atmosphere with their positive presence. Flowers have a great variety to them but for funerals there are some specific flowers that are a popular choice.

Here is a list of funeral arrangement flowers that are appropriate for showing your condolences-

White roses:

White roses have been commonly found at funerals, they are bright and clear hence they make a good option for funerals. White roses symbolize loyalty, innocence and purity. aWhite is also known to represent peace after death. If you are looking for flowers for funeral Homes then you can go with white roses and white and red hypericum berries, white spray roses and greens. Another option is to go with white garden roses along with white lilies and hydrangeas.

Red Roses:

Straight up after a calming white to a bright red. It is interesting to see that a red rose is also a traditional pick for funerals. For a red arrangement you can go with a standing spray or a casket spray. The difference? A standing spray stays upright whereas a casket spray is kept over the casket. You would need more than a dozen roses for this along with some palm leaves as a base layer. Red roses symbolize faith, chastity and grief.

White lillies:

Another flower with a religious symbolism, lilies represent purity, and a satisfactory majestic life. The stargazer lilies represent sympathy which is exactly what we are looking for. To make a bouquet that could be kept around the venue you can go with a bunch of white lilies with white roses and green leaves you can also add lavender stock. Arrange these in a clear glass vase and get funeral flowers delivered in Ottawa ON.

Mix Gerberas:

Gerbers are a popular pick for sympathy bouquet flowers. Get these bouquets and wreaths from Florist in Ottawa ON. Gerberas are easy to create a bouquet with. You can make a colorful gerbera wreath. With red, pink, white ones. Red gerberas symbolize immersed love for the deceased. The white ones symbolize innocence and purity. Pink ones represent high esteem, admiration. You can also make a bouquet with gerberas and roses along with some filler flowers and greens.


Another flower that is a common choice are daisies. Daisies look best in a basket. You can get a basket full of flowers with yellow and white daisies, yellow daisies, pink roses. Lavender or lilac stock. This is a good option for flower arrangement for funerals. You can also go with daisies, alstroemeria, snapdragons.


The beautiful hydrangea stands for love, compassion, and genuine friendship. They are a popular choice of flowers for funerals all around the world mainly because of their wonderful significance. Their name actually comes from the traditional Greek terms "hydor" (which means water) and "angos" (meaning vessel). They are pleasing to the eyes and will definitely bring a little smile to anyone's griefing face.

You can get funeral flowers delivery in Ottawa ON with Altavista Flowers. Get them sent at the venue, or at the house of the family’s deceased. Flowers have always been a part of funerals and a symbol of sympathy. Let these flowers brighten everyone’s day and spread hope.

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