List of Flowers for International Women's Day

Mimosa Flower is the official Flowers for International Women's Day. Read about the list of Popular flower varieties given worldwide on International Women's Day.

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Women's Day celebrates the achievements and progress of women around the world. Now that March 8 is around the corner, it's time to start making arrangements for your special someone. Nothing is more appropriate than the international women's day flower for presenting to special women in your life on this auspicious day. A bouquet of fresh and fragrant flowers from the flower store in Ottawa ON will express your gratitude, love, and happiness for having her around you. We have listed a few of the blooms for you to present her on Women's Day and don't miss this opportunity to express your appreciation for her every single contribution.

1. Wonderfully scented Mimosa

Mimosa is the symbol of this celebration because it represents all qualities such as strength and compassion held by a woman. These fragrant branches with delicate yellow blossoms are traditionally given to women on womanhood days in Italy. It's not exactly known why they are the official flower, but their seasonality and abundance during this time of year are considered factors. Mimosas continue to be given as women's day flower bouquets throughout the world today, not just in Italy.

2. The inspiring roses

Choosing roses that come in a variety of colors is the perfect gift for the inspiring woman in your life. Mimosas are not the only gift choice for International Women's Day, roses are also a popular choice. When it comes to expressing pure love, affection, and passion, red roses are a sure bet. Those who receive pink roses are displayed with romance, while those who receive white roses are shown with purity. The gift of bright yellow roses is typically given as a symbol of friendship among female friends and colleagues. With flower delivery Bridlewood ON, you can either hand them over or have them delivered to the doorstep of the woman you want to wish this day.

3. The alluring carnations

Carnations are one of the most popular cut flowers for bouquets, along with roses. In the Greek language, carnations are known as Dianthus, which means 'divine flower'. They encompass a wide range of colors that symbolize friendship and respect. As soon as you hold a bunch of these, you are mesmerized by the artistic shape of their petals and the wide variety of colors that reflect the many possibilities that women are capable of achieving. For this reason, they are one of the best flowers for Women's Day. There is something enigmatic and magical about carnations that captivates people all around the world.

4. The positive snowdrops

Often regarded as a symbol of new beginnings, hope, rebirth, and overcoming challenges, they are one of the first flowers of early spring. As a result, this is a very positive and relevant Woman's Day flower. A bunch of these blooms can be given as a gesture of support and encouragement to a woman who has suffered or someone who might be going through a tough time. As snowdrops are only available in white, they also convey feelings of purity, innocence, spirituality, and sympathy.

5. The attractive Tulips

International Women's Day is also a good time to send tulips. As a popular spring flower, this flower is characterized by attractive colors and elegant forms. Despite the variety of colors and mild scent, this flower is always a winner. Giving red tulips is an expression of affection in some countries. In contrast, yellow tulips signify complete love. However, tulips are a symbol of strength and power, no matter what color they are.

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