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Want to look like a responsible adult but not be one? This is your in. The ZZ plant is for you. With waxy dark green leaves on long, arching stalks clustered together at the base, ZZ plants are a great vertical plant if you're looking for something with some length to it. The leaves are shiny and light-reflecting, and new growth is brilliant emerald green. ZZ's are slow growers which rarely grow past 0.6-1m in height or width (2-3 ft). They're great for desktops, dresser-tops, and shelf-tops: put them on top of pretty much everything, and houseguests will ooh and aah. Some people might even believe your black thumb is actually green. Light requirement, Low to moderately-bright indirect light. Cubicle office with bad lighting? Basement cave with no windows? Sunny kitchen? The ZZ plant will thrive in pretty much any condition. However, avoid placing it in direct solid light for extended periods.

ZZ Plant


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